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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I protect my outdoor bamboo garden from the sun and rain ?
A: Apply a water sealant  at the beginning of your outdoor project and at least once a year after that.  Clean up is
easier with protected bamboo, and bleach may clean up unprotected bamboo. Allowing the bamboo to age
naturally is a cool look too, bamboo will never completely retain its original look when used outdoors.
Q: What is the best way to drill a hole in bamboo ? I want to build a headboard and make some dresser
handles out of bamboo for my son's room.  Bob -  Naperville, IL
A: Use a forstner bit for any hole larger than 3/16" and a drill press on anything larger than 1/2"
Q: Should I use safety glasses when working with bamboo and knives and other high speed things?
A: Yes, if you want to see your final project I would highly recommend it.  Always be safe. Think out
your every move.
Q: Can I stain bamboo ?
A:  The results of staining bamboo are very subtle, even with a dark stain. It will highlight the nodes
and imperfections slightly. I would suggest finishing with a good quality sealer to further protect your
bamboo and enhance its natural beauty.
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Q: Is this stuff copyrighted.?
A: ©Copyright 2006, Midwest Bamboo Ltd.
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Q: What is a slat fence ?
A: A slat is a bamboo pole that has been split down the middle at least twice leaving you with four
slats instead of what you once had, a whole pole. And you can continue splitting the slats depending
on the look you want.
A two inch pole may get you as many as eight slats making the pole pieces look almost flat against a
wall. Flip flop the slats to get a more uniform look. Bamboo tapers as it grows. So your slats will taper
too. The nodes ( the rings on the bamboo ) will not align after flipping every other slat giving you a
beautiful offset staggering node look. That's a slat.      Whole pole=O    slat=(       You got it.   Half
rounds are a pole split down the center just once.
At this time, Midwest Bamboo Ltd, imports all of our manufactured wire tied fencing.  I think it's great
that something that is so interesting and beautiful can be made into something else. From wind
chimes to bridges, bamboo is the material of the future.
Q: How does Midwest Bamboo measure a bamboo pole ?  Nate - Warrenville IL.
A: We measure the outside diameter of our poles about  3" in from the widest end. So a 3.75"x 12'
pole may measure 3.78" on one end and 3.05" on the other. This is sold as a 3.75"x12' pole. We may
refer to it as a 4" pole when having a conversation about it. Bamboo tapers as it grows taller and will
naturally loose width along the way. If precise measurements are needed, call Midwest Bamboo Ltd.
630-415-7787 or e-mail us .
Half Rounds
Half Rounds
Whole Pole
Use slats as a molding
Q: Will bamboo crack ?               
A: Yes
Let's start with a basic fact; adding moisture to bamboo makes it expand, removing moisture from
bamboo makes it shrink. Bamboo is a tube and has more surface area on the outside than the
inside allowing faster drying on the outside and slower drying on the inside.
So here it is; It isn't the drying that creates cracks; what causes cracks is uneven shrinkage (or
By removing the nodes and sealing inside and outside the pole with the same product will help it  
remain stable. The goal isn't a specific moisture content, the goal is a uniform moisture content.