About Our Business

Being a bamboo lover myself, I found it difficult to obtain this product
since Chicago is nowhere near Asia. Considering this, I decided to
create Midwest Bamboo, so that I, along with many other bamboo fans
around the Midwest, would be able to design and create masterpieces
using this wonderful product. We make it easy for customers to order any
quantity of bamboo needed for their projects. Use bamboo for outdoor
fencing, indoor paneling, screens, decorative ceilings, furniture,
landscaping borders and much more.

Our goal at Midwest Bamboo Ltd, is to provide our customers with a
beautiful, natural, and useful product. Using bamboo instead of
hardwoods helps save forests, this is because bamboo grows quickly
and can be harvested more often. We hope by creating a Bamboo
business in the Midwest, more people will be encouraged to make use of
this wonderful product. It is our number one priority to be of complete
service to our customers, along with selling them an earth friendly product.
It is extremely important to us to be honest and accurate about our

Call Jeff or Cathy at 630-352-9736
*Be Innovative
*Help the Environment
*Use Bamboo
Why Bamboo? It's Fun.

                      ...........Shipping Information.............  
          None of the products we sell are returnable.
Exchanges on new products within 5 days of original invoice may be acceptable.  
Shipping costs will be added to your order, with your approval prior to shipping.
All orders less than $100.00 will have a processing fee of $10.00 when shipped.

All poles have been fumigated to USDA regulations.
Bamboo poles and other bamboo products come with some cracks and usually
have a slight curve.
Prices may change at anytime without notice.
All orders must be placed by phone. 630-352-9736

Thank You
Jeff and Cathy Ryan
Midwest Bamboo Ltd.
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